Support for Breathing Circuits and Humidifiers

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to breathing circuits and humidifiers for use with NIPPY Ventilators. If you’re looking for a product download, please click here.

Circuits FAQs

Where is the exhalation port for the NIPPY ventilator circuits?

This is sited at the patient end of the tubing.  You can check that this is working correctly by putting your hand next to the port.  You should always feel air venting from the exhalation port.  This is a very important safety feature, so if you have any concerns about the exhalation port, please contact your hospital support team or our office.

Do I need an exhalation port on my NIPPY circuit if there is an exhalation port on the mask?


How often should my circuit be changed in the home setting?

This is dependent on the guidelines given by each NHS trust and on the circuit you are using. Please contact your doctor or hospital respiratory support team for advice.

How often should my circuit be changed in the hospital setting?

This is dependent on the guidelines given by each hospital. Please contact your TSSU department for specific advice. Most hospitals in the UK change circuits in hospital every 7 days.

I am required to perform calibration tests on circuits for any NIPPY product?


I use a humidifier. How can I reduce rain-out or condensation forming in my tube when I use a humidifier?

Unfortunately rain-out or condensation in ventilator tubing with heated humidification is unavoidable.  To help  manage the problem, always position your humidifier lower than the ventilator and the patient.  This way gravity will work to pool water back into the water chamber.

I use a humidifier. Why is there more rain-out in the tubing in winter compared to summer?

Your room temperature will drop during winter, this means that as the humidified air passes from the humidifier through the tubing to the patient, it is subjected to a larger variation in temperature.  This means more water droplets will form.

Humidifers FAQs

What is a humidifier?

A humidifier is a device which adds heat and moisture to the air mix which you receive from the ventilator.

Why are humidifiers used?

For patients with NIV, to increase comfort and compliance.

For patients with invasive ventilation via a tracheostomy tube, the humidifier is used to add the same heat and moisture that the body would normally be able to supply via the nasopharynx.  This helps the patient to maintain mobile secretions in the lungs and therefore protects the patency of the airways.

What should I do if the humidifier alarms?

The alarm will be signified by an audible sound as well as a visual alarm on the front of the device. This visual sign will indicate where the issue is and help to troubleshoot. If you have further concerns please contact your hospital support team or B&D Electromedical.

Can all the NIPPY products be used with a humidifier?

The NIPPY 3+, NIPPY Junior+, NIPPY ST+ and NIPPY S+ can be used with a humidifier. The NIPPY Clearway cannot be used with a humidifier.