Update of Item 004426

Please be advised that item 004426 (Exhalation Port for Vivo 40, 50 and 60), has been updated following obsolescence of the original version by the manufacturer. This also affects item 005065 (Patient Circuit with Leakage (reusable) Vivo 50). You can find more information here.

NIPPY Clearway features in BBC News

Patients in Guernsey benefit from a NIPPY Clearway purchased through charitable funds. Taken from the article:

“A Guernsey charity has received enough cash to buy a machine which helps patients to cough.

The Motor Neurone and Neuro Concern charity has taken delivery of a NIPPY Clearway which helps patients clear their lungs.

The portable machine means patients can now use the machine at home, rather than travelling to hospital.”

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B&D Electromedical’s 25th Anniversary

2012 marks B&D Electromedical’s 25th year of designing and manufacturing pioneering respiratory products.

During these 25 years of business, B&D have brought to market five generations of the NIPPY ventilator platform.

In 2011, B&D launched the NIPPY Clearway, a versatile and dynamic airway clearance device, which has been received with great success.

We are very much looking forward to the next  25 years of business and beyond, with exciting innovation.