About Breas Medical

We strive to exceed every patient’s, carer’s and clinician’s expectation by delivering extremely high quality, innovative products, training, education and customer service. The nature of our work means there is no room for error, and we take pride in designing, manufacturing and delivering first-class products. Each member of the Breas team follows our company values, putting patient and customer first, focusing on reliability and service, and always remaining committed to education and product training.

Previously known as B & D Electromedical, Breas Medical, based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, is the only UK company to manufacture medical ventilators. The company was founded in 1987 by Peter Bachelor and Noel Davis, both engineers, with the successful launch of the NIPPY Ventilator. We have established a long-standing reputation for the quality and reliability of our products. In September 2014, B & D Electromedical became part of the Breas Medical Group, therefore the name change is to ensure consistency within the group. The NIPPY brand and products remain at the heart of the UK business.

Patients and Carers

At Breas, we always strive to put the patient and customer first. This is reflected in both the design and innovation of our products as well as in the high-quality service, support and education that we deliver. Our products and services are developed alongside patients, carers and clinicians to ensure that the products improve your experience and care, and are user-friendly, portable and reliable. We are continually looking to improve our products and services, and welcome your feedback.


Our product design process is driven by clinicians and we continue to work very closely with all areas of healthcare professionals involved in ventilation and airway clearance. Breas Medical has been built upon strong internal values, ensuring the highest levels of product innovation, service and education. We are committed to education and training for all healthcare professionals, not only relating to the support of our products but also contributing to their on-going professional development.


We are now in our third decade of product development, continuing to focus on hospital and homecare ventilation as well as airway clearance products. Our products reflect our expertise within this market.


We continually strive to improve our products and all aspects of our business, and frequently review our rigorous and effective quality-management and testing systems. All products comply fully with each market’s regulatory and customer requirements. The CE mark and our  ISO 13485 certificate ensure product quality.


The Breas Medical values are in place to ensure we’re always striving to produce the best products possible. We aim to design, manufacture and deliver first-class products; always put the patient and customer first; focus on reliability and service; and remain committed to education and product training.